Photography Goals in 2018

The new year is right around the corner and it’s time to think about accomplishments and setting new photography goals for the new year. Photography is a great industry that allows you to expand and grow every year. Keep your eye on the ball and focus on a few things that will help you along the way. You don’t have to take on the world, but you may want to keep yourself organized and get ready for a new year.

1. Think about upgrading equipment

Christmas time is a great time to ask for some new photography gear. We all get excited when we unwrap new camera or lens. If you find you are outgrowing your starter camera, it may be time to look at upgrading your gear in 2018 to help meet your new photography goals. Consider buying a new camera body or new lenses. You can always rent first and see what fits your style.

2. Try a new photography style

If you are a portrait photographer and you are getting bored of the same things, it’s a good time to switch it up a bit. Study a few different types of photography and try them out. Photograph landscapes, or sports photography. You can even try macro or nature photography. No matter what, just don’t stop practicing.

3. Learn new editing styles

Interested in making your photography emulate film stock? There are presets for that. Consider doing some research and trying new editing styles. This can help you take your photography to the next level and help you distinguish yourself from the bunch.

4. Meeting new people and collaborate

Enough lone ranger shoots. Collaboration is the key to growing in any industry. Get out and meet new people. Join meetups and get together with people to plan new shoots.

5. Join photography communities

It’s not enough to just say you are a part of a photography community. Social media makes it easy to find photograph groups in your area. Give feedback online, and ask questions to other photographers. Everyone was a newbie at one point. I am apart of a Dallas TFP photography group, and I have met so many new people in the industry because of it.

6. Get your work published

Shooting with a purpose in mind is perfect motivation. If you shoot any type of photography, there is bound to be a magazine that would eventually love to showcase your work. Do your research and set a photograph goal of getting magazine published in the new year.

7. Make more money with photography

This photography goal is always on everyone’s list. Make more money with your photography skills, and finally start your own business. While it’s everyone’s dream to own their own studio, many photographers try and fail due to poor planning or not enough clients and income. Start simple and grow your client list over time. Track your revenue and when the time is right you will know it.

8. Build your social media accounts

You have thousands of photos sitting on your hard drive and nobody sees them. It’s time to start promoting yourself, and one of the best ways is to build a social media presence. Start with Instagram or Facebook and build your audience. This will also help with #7 above.

9. Improve your skillsets

Take a class or study photography skills on your own time. There are literally thousands of classes online for you to try out. I personally use for all my portrait photography learning. If you are a natural light shooter, learn studio strobes. If you are a landscape photographer, go out and learn portrait photography. Never stop learning new skills.

10. Build your website

This one I placed last because it can sometimes scare people. The thought of code and having to use your computer for more than watching YouTube and Hulu can give you a headache, but I promise it will be worth it. Try out or and finally make your photography website for 2018. This will give you a more professional look, and help people understand you are becoming more of a professional every day.

Get with the program in 2018

Setting photography goals in 2018 is a perfect way to keep you moving forward with your photography and skills. Don’t think about them as resolutions. Everyone fails at new year’s resolutions. Keep these as more of long-term goals that you are working on constantly. You will be glad you got started early!