If ever I had a go-to model that I loved working with, it’s gotta be Sabrina Lynn. She is beautiful, punctual, and a true professional collaboration partner and was perfect for this studio boudoir session in Dallas.

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Sony a7

Dallas Models

Sabrina was a model in the greater Dallas area but has since moved to Colorado finding allowing her to discover new passions and learning new industries. Before she left, I had a chance to bring her on board for this super Sunday shoot.

I have worked with Sabrina in the past on a few sessions, so I knew I worked with her well on collaborations. She takes direction well but hardly needs it for most of the shoot. She loves to move around naturally and this made the shoot easy for the day.

Sony a7 Mirrorless Camera

Concept and Theme

The concept of the shoot was studio boudoir. The location of the shoot was in the Deep Ellum, located just east of downtown Dallas. The LovePicLove photography studio provided amazing natural light along with old hardwood floors, and beautiful brick walls. The studio also had a great staircase to the second floor and a large old style tub for different concepts.

Camera and Gear

For this shoot, I used my Sony a7 along with my Sony Zeiss 55mm f1.8 lens. I also had a Sony 28mm f2 lens on hand, but I only used it once during the whole shoot. I had one small reflector on hand and tried to keep most the shoot as simple as possible.

Sony a7 Mirrorless Camera

What I learned

I look back and wish I had at least one strobe on hand, especially a portable HSS (High-Speed Sync) strobe for this TFP shoot. This would have given a small amount of light in some of the darker corners and darker areas of the body where shadows lose detail. Overall, I love the way these came out, and I look forward to editing more of the photos from this session.

Sabrina Lynn Gallery

Sony Cameras for Portrait Photography:

Sony a7iii Mirrorless Camera – 3rd Generation Sony Mirrorless Camera
Sony a7ii Mirrorless Camera w/IBIS – 2nd Generation Sony Mirrorless Camera
The Sony A7 Mirrorless Camera – Great full-frame starter camera for beginners

Sony Lenses for Portraits:

Sony 85mm f1.4 G-Master – Best 85mm portrait lens
Batis 85mm f1.8 – Lightweight 85mm portrait lens
Sony 85mm f1.8 – Smallest 85mm portrait lens
Sony Zeiss 55mm f1.8 – Small, sharp, lightweight portrait lens (my favorite lens)
The Sony 50mm f1.8 – Cheap starter nifty fifty
The Sony Zeiss 35mm f1.4 – Great wide option for portraits and lifestyle images
Sony 24-70 G-Master f2.8 – Sharp and versatile zoom lens
Sony 24-105 G Lens f4.0 – One of the best zooms for Sony
The Sony 70-200 G-Master Lens f2.8 – Long range telephoto zoom

Recommended Accessories:

Godox Ving V860IIS Camera Flash – Speedlight Paired w/ X1T-S Wireless Trigger
Meike Grip Sony a7 – Camera extension grip
Meike Grip Sony a7ii – Camera extension grip