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About Me

Jason Pena

Sr. Digital Design & Marketing / Portrait Photographer

You know that feeling, when you are absolutely sure you have captured the perfect moment? I feel that excitement with portrait photography. Meeting new people, and snapping a moment in time, captured with my Sony A7.

My name is Jason, and I am a professional designer by day, and photographer by night. I enjoy the opportunity to create beautiful photos in the genres of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and creative portraits. I am always studying new technical photography techniques, and I enjoy collaborations with other creative professionals in the greater Dallas area.

About My Photography

I started photography in early 2016, and I have met some amazing people. My network of models, MUAs, and photographers is growing with every new shoot. My passion is in portraits, but I love having my camera with me daily to capture those spontaneous memories.Portraitsofdallas.com will be a mix of a few things for me: Portfolio and Journal. Photography is one of my passions, along with design. I love the simple nuances of posing and lighting and communicating with others to create beautiful photos.

My best wishes on your journey, and thanks for stopping by to be apart of mine. Connect with me on instagram, and happy shooting!

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