Working with Averie has always been a pleasure. She is constantly smiling and continues to impress every time we get together for to shoot. For this portrait session, I worked with a new lens and tried to give myself a new challenge when shooting. The new lens I tried out was the Sony 24-70mm f2.8 GMaster paired with my Sony a7ii full frame camera

Studio Lifestyle Photography

Now, much of my portrait shoots are always done with my favorite prime lenses. My Sony 55mm f1.8 and my Sony 85mm f1.4 GMaster never leave my camera bag and rarely come off my Sony bodies. With that said, I finally jumped into a zoom lens for a portrait shoot, and I absolutely loved it for this shoot. The lifestyle vibe I was able to create was perfect and on point, very similar to my studio session with Valeria.

Averie Sony a7ii Sony 24-70mm GMaster | @26mm

Sony 24-70mm f2.8 GMaster

The Sony 24-70mm f2.8 GMaster I was using gave me a great deal of flexibility for this studio shoot. The room was around 14ft x 24ft so needed to stay close to the model due to the positioning of some of the windows. Being able to zoom wide and still get great images really impressed me when using this lens. Also, being able to shoot at f2.8 and get razor sharp images was a huge plus.

The natural light

The natural light from the frosted windows was perfect and soft on Averie. I kept her about 1-2 feet away from the windows when posing her in the room. The natural brick walls provided a beautiful industrial feel and a great contrast to the light colors she was wearing.

Posing and Movements

Posing is something I continue to work on during my sessions. I like to give a few pointers to the models I work with, but overall I let them just move naturally with the music that is usually playing in the background. Yes, music is a huge part of my sessions.

I always tell the models to bring a good playlist for the shoots. Many forget to do this so I have one ready to go when we get started. The models tend to dance and move their hips which makes them more comfortable and relaxed.

Editing and Culling the Photos

When reviewing the photos from my Sony a7ii, I noticed everything was coming out a little bright. I constantly check my photos onsite, but I think the bright room gave me a false sense of colors when checking the back of the camera. Many times I will send the JPGs to my phone so I can double check but I didn’t get around to it this time. I chose photos that were leaning more towards emotion.

When editing, I utilize my own custom presets in my process. I start with Adobe Camera Raw and then move the files into Photoshop. Many of the tweaks are surrounding the blue colors in the photos. Once done, I add more brightness and contrast into the photos to give them a finishing touch.





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