Dallas Natural Light Portraits

I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Aliaa during my super Saturday natural light studio shoot near downtown Dallas. My make-up artist, Isabel Gachrich recommended this model so I could not wait to see the results of the shoot.

The natural light from the large window provided a perfect light source for the shoot. Now Aliaa was very new to modeling during this shoot. I started the session pretty slowly. Showing her the poses I was wanting to capture, and she was very open to suggestions.



Working through the shoot

By the end of the shoot, Aliaa was feeling more natural and confident. I could see this in the photos as I was moving the shoot along. We did 2 sets for this natural light shoot. One casual style with a green shirt that really complimented her eyes. the other a lighter mix of style. Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome of the shoot.

If I could do it all over again, I would vary the shots in a more dynamic range. I would have utilized the whole studio, and maybe even the hallways outside the area. There was not much light in those areas, but it could have created a different mood for the shoot. Maybe next time. For now, enjoy these beautiful photos of model Aliaa.