Learning to be an artist can be difficult when you don’t have a good foundation to start with. I have come up with a list of 10 interpersonal skills to develop as a photographer. These skills will help with photography collaborations, business negotiations, technical skills and so much more.

Interpersonal skills to develop as a photographer

Take the time to study your strengths and learn to develop your weaknesses so you can strive to become a better creative professional.

1. Self-Confidence

Your self-confidence should be 1st in your skills to develop. Learn to trust yourself and this will help guide you to learning other skills. Always appreciate your work and the things you accomplish. Believe in yourself and know you are worthy of all creative work.

2. Collaboration

Working to develop collaboration skills is always a difficult task for introverts. You may like to work alone, but you will find a whole new world of opportunities when you reach out and collaborate with small teams of other creative minds.

3. Verbal communication

Learning to speak what’s on your mind is very important. Learning to articulate your ideas and processes will help you direct others in your creative projects.

4. Non-verbal communication

Just as important as verbal skills, there are non-verbal skills you can also develop. Learn to use body language to direct your subjects into poses and positions. Be confident in your requests and be willing to show your subjects poses and ideas.

5. Social Skills

Being social in today’s society has a whole new meaning. Just because you post on someone’s facebook wall does not make you social. Social skills are being able to hold a conversation with a complete stranger. Small group settings will happen when collaborating so be ready to talk and mingle with others. Be ready to share ideas and collaborate on the fly.

6. Listening skills

If you are used to talking the most, then you may want to practice listening next. Listening is a skill few really develop without interrupting the other person talking. Learn to listen and take in all aspects of the story before you speak and give suggestions.

7. Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is an art form that everyone should learn. Having the ability to compromise and talk through any negotiation is a great tool. This will benefit you and your business in the long run.

8. Problem-solving Skills

You will be faced with small and large problems, especially when on a photography shoot. Learning to adapt and accept the changes will help you solve problems on the fly and makes for better outcomes.

9. Showing Appreciation

Always be thankful for the people around you helping on a photography shoot. From assistants, MUAs, and models, you want to show your appreciation and your willingness to acknowledge efforts.

10. Taking Constructive Feedback

Not everyone will be nice about feedback, but learning to take constructive feedback is a cornerstone skill every creative should learn. Don’t take feedback personally, and learn to adapt to different client requests and styles. Not everyone will like your work, but you have to learn to grow as an artist.

Getting to know yourself

These skills are not taught by sitting in a classroom or browsing social media. You will need to take yourself out of your comfort zone and learn to grow personally. You will run into barriers along the way, but don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends and or group support for help.

Keeping a good social awareness will help you stay humble and give you more confidence in your photography journey. I’m certain there are more interpersonal skills to develop as a photographer, but start with these and grow with each new skill.