Briona | Sony Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 | Studio Portrait Session


Working on Studio Portrait Sessions

Studio portrait sessions are always fun. My shoots tend to be low-stress and I love finding models that are easy going and know how to move. Briona was one of these models. The goal for the day was to capture some simple natural light portraits and highlight details of the face and hair. Briona’s unique features made a great impression on me. I loved her smile and attitude during the shoot.


Camera and gear for this session

I used my fairly new Sony a7ii for this shoot with my Sony Zeiss 35mm f1.4 lens. Shoot with manual settings on all my photo shoots is my particular choice when shooting portraits. I wanted to get her eyes and face in focus along with the details of her hair. The studio was not very big so I knew I was going to stay close to the model most of the time, and the wide angle of the 35mm was perfect.


Utilizing natural light for the session

The entire session was shot with only natural light. No reflectors, and no off-camera-flash assistance. The day was pretty bright, but the clouds acted as a natural diffuser for the light. I tend to shoot underexposed, and this shoot was no different. I enjoyed letting the model move around in the area we were shooting. We ended up strolling through the small back alleys of downtown Plano, TX for a bit.


What I learned from this shoot

I loved the photos that kept the model in the shadows of the building. In post-production, I was able to pull highlights and shadows to help create more details. I used photoshop for most of the post-processing and even did a small amount of dodge-and-burn on her hair and other details.

In the end, I really enjoyed how this shoot came out. I really liked working with Briona and enjoyed the lifestyle look of the portraits. I look forward to going back and shooting in the downtown Plano area again very soon!




My Camera Gear

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Sony 55mm –
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