Allanah in Natural Light

I always have a great time working with models in natural light urban areas. Downtown Plano, TX offered beautiful brick streets, great colored walls, and an awesome setting for taking portraits. I had the opportunity to work with Allanah a few weeks ago, and she did a stunning job.

One of the great things I learned about this particular shoot was capturing angles. I still have so many photos I want to edit from this session, but the best angle in capturing Allanah was any angle that concentrated on her eyes. They immediately stood out in all my close-up photos of her.



Capturing the flattering features

One of my biggest recommendations to new photographers is to find an asset and concentrate on it. It could be eyes, hair, lips, etc. Capture the most flattering part of a model and you will have a greater chance of finding great results. I made sure to keep Allanah moving around. This helped create more bounce to her hair as she posed. It was easy to work with Allanah in natural light and getting some sharp photos from the street styles around her.

One thing I would do differently is trying different action movements. I noticed most of my shots were mostly posed shots. I think it would capture her walking or moving around more in order to create a different perspective and interest in the photo. Maybe something more lifestyle based.






Technical Specs:

Camera: Sony A7 / Batis 85mm f/1.8
Natural Light Only
Editing: Photoshop with custom tweaks