Meeting Mika for the first time on this shoot color gel photography shoot was a blast. She was in the studio ready to kick some butt. For this color gel shoot I took my time with setup. This was only the 3rd time I had shot this style and I was still in learning mode. I did exactly like I had learned in my Jake Hicks color gel tutorials, and I built the lighting from the back forward. Mike moved into her poses very smoothly, and I had to learn to take control of the rhythm of the shoot so my lights could catch up.



Color gel photography

Mike was fabulous for this shoot. She had a great attitude and was perfect for this learning session. I wanted to capture slight motion even though the studio space was small, so I had a fan going most of the time to work the hair. I used 3 x 300watt strobes with 24inch silver umbrellas for this shoot. In hind-sight I wish I had smaller strip soft boxes with grids to control the lighting. No matter what issues I ran into, Mika was patient and a greta model to work with. Check out her photo session below.

What I learned in dealing with gels

In my first gel session, I remember being too aggressive with the power of the lights in order to get more saturation in color. I thought the light needed to be brighter in order for the color to be more prominent. After 3 sessions, I now feel this is not the case. Post processing plays a huge part of the final photos. The color was already present in the shot with lower light settings, I just had to learn how to compliment the colors and bring them out.

This is one of the best things I learned with the Jake Hicks tutorials. Bring out what is already there. The beauty of the model and subject was already there. The colors just needed to be complimented in the shot. I hope to keep this in mind in the future.






Technical Specs:

Camera: Sony A7
Lenses: Sony 55mm f1.8
Lighting: 3 x 300watt strobes w/color gels for cover
Editing: Photoshop custom tweaks



About the Author:

My name is Jason, and I am a Sr. Creative Professional located in north Dallas, TX. I collaborate with creatives from all over the DFW and surrounding areas. This blog is dedicated to capturing some of these great model test shoots and collaborations, and I hope it helps you find inspiration for your own work.
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