Dani | Street Lifestyle Photography | Sony a7ii | Zeiss 35mm f1.4

Dani is a beautiful young model from the Dallas area. I had a chance to work with her on a street lifestyle shoot in downtown Plano. The old nature of the urban area was a perfect backdrop to the style and mood we wanted to achieve.

street lifestyle photography | Portraits of Dallas

We had a chance to meet at a local studio and work with local MUA Jamie Fawn who did an amazing job with makeup and styling. We explored some of the beautiful old walls and architecture of the old downtown area and made some beautiful art.

street lifestyle photography | Portraits of Dallas | 2

Street Lifestyle Photography

Working to a specific concept during a shoot gives me the opportunity to really narrow down ideas for the mood. I love shooting fashion and keeping the model moving as we explore the surrounding areas. This does bring in problem-solving skills that I like to work on during my shoots. Having to improvise is a great way to learn new techniques in lighting and posting.

street lifestyle photography | Portraits of Dallas | 3


Sony a7ii w/ Sony Zeiss 35mm f1.4

My go-to camera combo lately has been the Sony a7ii and the Sony 35mm f1.4 lens. The camera does amazing at tracking moving subjects, and the wide focal length of the 35mm captures the beautiful backgrounds and surrounding areas. I use nothing but natural light in this street lifestyle photography shoot. I kept the model in the shade as much as possible due to us shooting mid-day, but also, I wanted to give more of a moody feel to the photos when possible.


What I learned from this shoot

Learning from all my shoots is a huge priority for me. I like to keep an open mind and keep my options open during a shoot. The sun being at a high-point of the day was a slight problem, but nothing I haven’t run into before. I knew I could move the model to a more shaded area, and I was also waiting for the clouds to move over the area while I was shooting.

Dani was great at taking feedback on posing and moving around. She was very new to modeling, but I knew making her comfortable and making sure she was having fun was the most important part of the shoot. Always work to make a fun and safe environment for the model.



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