Holland | Lifestyle Portrait Shoot | Sony a7ii | Zeiss 35mm f1.4

Putting together a lifestyle portrait shoot can be a great experience. Looking for locations and themes that match a concept tend to take some research and a lot of pre-planning. Once the final shoot is completed, it is always interesting to see the results of all your planning and direction. This was the case with a young model from the DFW area.


I worked with Holland and a few other models during a group portrait session. She really stood out due to her look and young age. Holland was very professional and with her mother by her side, she rocked the look and theme of the session.

Lifestyle portrait shoot location

The lifestyle portrait shoot took place both indoors and outdoors. We set up a meeting place at a local studio in downtown Plano owned by a local photographer. It is a beautiful natural light studio that provides great loft style backgrounds and brick walls. Once we finished shooting indoors we moved to the alleys of the downtown area to shoot against more rough style and decayed walls.



Camera and Gear

This shoot was done with my handy Sony a7ii and my new Sony Zeiss 35mm f1.4. I knew I was going to be shooting mostly natural light so I kept the aperture around 2.8 for this shoot. Shooting wide open at f1.4 is a love of mine, but I resisted to do the limited space and wanting to capture more details of the hair and clothing. The wide focal length gave me plenty of options in the small hallways and the smaller areas of the studio.

Working with Holland

As Holland was under 18, she had her mother on hand to review all poses and direction for her. Working with such a young model was new to me, but a lot of fun for the collaboration process. Holland was very enthusiastic about the style and the way we allowed her to move around in the environment.

Lifestyle Portrait Shoot | Holland | Portraits of Dallas Close up


Lifestyle Portrait Shoot | Holland | Portraits of Dallas Natural Light

Post-production editing in Photoshop

Once the shoot was completed, I loaded the photos to my Mac and brought them into Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). I really don’t use Adobe Lightroom very much but I am trying to break that trend too and move away from Photoshop in the future. I have my basic presets saved in ACR and then I proceed to edit all my photos in Photoshop.

What did I learn from this lifestyle portrait shoot

The goal of this shoot and the editing was to create a moody lifestyle look. Even though it was a bright day outside, I wanted to give a feeling of moody tones and styles. I think it came out great and had a fun time collaborating with everyone on site. Next time I think I would try darker shadow areas to give a different feel to the lighting. All the photos seemed very evenly lit by the light, so I want to try to play with shadows on a different level during the shoot.


Lifestyle Portrait Shoot | Holland | Portraits of Dallas Street Walking

Lifestyle Portrait Shoot | Holland | Portraits of Dallas 1

My Sony Camera Gear:

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