I am very lucky that I have some beautiful friends. Kayla is one of these awesome friends. I met her a few years ago, and she has been very open to helping me practice and learn photography. Also, she is very photogenic so it’s really easy to get great photos of her. This session below is from a natural light walk in Deep Ellum, Dallas. The streets were very colorful, and all the graffiti artwork made for great backdrops. All the buildings had a very industry feel, and we worked from one corner to another. We jumped in and out of small shops and stores along the road, so this made for a great little adventure.

Natural Light Session

With Kayla, I didn’t really have to pose her much. Since I had known her before taking photos, it was easy to work with her. It made the shoot go really fast and actually made it really fun. I always recommend beginner photographers start with family and friends first. You tend to become more relaxed faster and you get some great images when you are not feeling rushed.










Technical Specs:

Camera: Sony a7 / 55mm Zeiss 1.8
Natural light session (no reflectors)
Editing: Photoshop custom tweaks