There are certain times, that you meet people who have a good presence. They command attention when they come around your way. This is how I felt about meeting Prescilla and working with her. She had a great smile, and beauty look. She is a fashion blogger and enthusiast in the Dallas area. She was looking for a quick lifestyle photography session to help her with more content for her social channels.

Lifestyle photography for bloggers and influencers

Prescilla took direction really well so this made the entire shoot really easy to do. I got to also meet her husband on-site and we had a great time in conversation as we walked the Shops at Legacy. The natural colors of the buildings and the light tones made for great backdrops for this shoot. I had Prescilla walking around and doing small movements in order to capture some organic looks mixed with posed shots.


What I learned from this set

With this set, I learned more on the editing side, then on the actual shoot. I normally shoot wide open with all portraits. Meaning, I shoot at 1.4 to 2.0. With this shoot, I tried to stay around 4.0 stop. I knew I was going to be making her walk around, so I needed the extra focusing area while we shot.

Once I got all the photos back into photoshop for post-editing, I knew I was going to have some darker images. Not because of the skin-tones, but because of the limited light coming into the lens. I tried bringing out the shadows and darker tones in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) before doing any editing in the layers. This actually made a huge difference before they were imported for post-processing. I love the film look that these gave off, and I am very happy with the shoot overall.






Technical Specs:

Camera: Sony A7
Lenses: Sony 35mm 1.4 / Sony GMaster 85mm 1.4
Natural Light only (no reflectors)
Editing: Photoshop custom tweaks