sony a7 swimsuit photography

Swimsuit photography photoshoots are great to do, especially when you have some beautiful models and a fun location. This was exactly the case with Nasiba and our swimsuit shoot. I was lucky to have HMUA/Stylist Isabel Gachrich onsite to work with my models. This TFP shoot is the first time I  worked with a full team and turned out to be a great experience.

Nasiba moved really well and produced some great expressions. She required minimal direction and made my job really easy. The hardest part of the shoot had to be the lighting. In the middle of summer and the middle of the afternoon, the light was not ideal. I worked with it to the best of my abilities.

portraits of dallas swimsuit photography

Natural Light Swimsuit Photography

The water made for a giant reflector for the shoot so I kept the models close. I used the Sony 85mm f1.4 G-Master lens for the first time on this shoot. I was really impressed with the sharp images I was getting, even though I was shooting wide open at f1.4. I love natural light and I kept moving the models into the shade. This helped me to avoid having to edit out harsh light and shadows from many of the images. The location was situated between 2 buildings so I got lucky later in the afternoon.

With this being one of my first shoots with professional models, I knew I was going to have to do my best with the tools and location we were working with. The models and the team were great to work with, and we have done much more shoots since then.

I look forward to doing more swimsuit shoots, and can’t wait to work with Nasiba again. Something tells me I may try a different approach the next shoot. I would want her to have at least 4-6 outfits so I could develop a more editorial style for my portfolio. I am always learning new styles and photography techniques so hopefully, I will get inspired to try something different in the future.

swimsuit photography concept

Nasiba Swimsuit Photos - 3

Nasiba Swimsuit Photos - 2

Nasiba Swimsuit Photos - 1

What I learned from this set

Shooting this swimsuit photography set was a huge challenge because I had no assistant and it was around high-noon. The sun was in full swing shining down on us and I tried to stay in the shadows of the building to control the highlights of the lens I was using. I was shooting wide-open at F1.4, something I don’t regret doing, but I know better now. I concentrated on more portrait style and close up shots, but I wish I could go back and get some wider shots and angles. Either way, I really like this set and everything that came from this swimsuit photography TFP shoot.

Technical Specs:

Camera: Sony A7
Lenses: Sony GMaster 85mm 1.4
Natural Light only (no reflectors)
Editing: Photoshop custom tweaks