Photography plans? You don’t need any stinking plans

It’s a beautiful day outside and you’re sitting on your bum binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix. No, I’m not talking to you. I’m talking about your friend. But since you are reading this, I hope you will find a little inspiration along the way so you can just go shoot. 

No Plans, just go shoot

Photography without a plan

Planning can be overrated and sometimes it can be fun to just go shoot. Be spontaneous and do some problem solving on location. You don’t always need a plan to get you moving in the right direction. You just need a little bit of inspiration. Your friend is stuck on the couch waiting for you to get inspired. This is a great way to go out and have a little fun. Be spontaneous and live a little.   

Shooting without a subject

Don’t have any friends available to stand in front of the camera? Just go shoot without a person or subject. Let the environment be your subject. Take a trip to downtown or your local park and explore some of the wildlife. Maybe practice with that new macro lens that never gets used. You can also do some street style photography and capture daily life. Either way, you don’t need a person to stand in front of the camera.

Exploring for no reason

This is a great time to go scouting and learn more about your area. Find new parks or lakes that will give you ideas for location shoots in the future. Take a few shots to help you remember where you are and why you liked the location. Build a small library of locations so you can add variety to your photo sessions.   

The outdoors is not the only place to explore. You can also go visit your favorite places to shop. Local malls, coffee shops or game rooms. These might become some cool places to snap a few photos for fun.   

Finding the inspiration

Visit your local library and browse some photography books. You can also check in on the latest news and images in popular magazines. Read some of the articles and maybe get inspired to try a new photography or technique. There is visual inspiration all around you, you just have to open your eyes and be ready to see it.  

Just go shoot

The point of this article is to help you understand you don’t always need a plan. You can be spontaneous and explore your surroundings for beautiful shots. Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary is what photography is all about. You are telling a visual story, and this takes practice. So whatever you’re doing right now, get off your computer and get shooting!

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