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Photography Goals in 2019: Growing as a collaborator

2018 is pretty much over, and I am now looking to the 2019 year. It came pretty fast and I was able to accomplish a few of my goals for this year. 

My Photography Goals in 2018:

  • Upgrading my camera system to the Sony a7ii
  • Investing in a few more lenses including the Sony 24-105
  • Investing in online courses and taking time to study editing techniques
  • Getting published in 2 fashion magazines
  • Working to start a foundation of video editing and getting my YouTube channel going


My Photography Goals in 2019:

With these goals accomplished in 2018, I look forward to making a few in 2019. I am pretty sure I missed a few but I feel good about 2018. I know I want to continue to grow as an artists and that means trying to take my work to the next level. Here are a few things I look forward to in the new year.

1. Hybrid Photoshoots (Video & Photography)

I want to start incorporating photography and video in my photoshoots in 2019. I have been learning the basics of shooting video and I hope to put this learning into effect for my new collaborations. 

2. More Travel Photography

I got to travel a small bit in 2018, but I look to expand this in 2019. I really hope to get to the beach a few times this next year and get to collaborate more with newer models and creatives all around the country. 

3. YouTube Interviews

One goal I also have is to start my YouTube interviews of local artists and designers. I want to create something unique where everyone has a chance to tell their stories. I am still working on the logistics of this one, but I hope to start within the first quarter of 2019.

4. Work on myself

This one always seemed like a no-brainer, but I want to start taking more time for myself. I want to make sure that my health and heart are in the right place for 2019. Keeping stress under control is also a big goal for me in the new year.

5. Have fun

This one goes without saying, but I want to make my photography collaborations even more exciting and fun. I want to work more with local artists and get more input for small group collaborations.


Getting ready for 2019

My dedicated study time over the last few months is coming to an end, and I have learned a ton. I look forward to going into the 2019 year strong, and really want to make a bigger impact on my photography work.

These are some of my goals, and I hope you have thought about yours. Some people like to have written goals, and some people just go with the flow.

No matter which you like, just make sure to keep moving forward and keep learning new things. Best wishes in the new year!


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