Quick list of photography ideas

Have you ever wanted to get started in photography, but had no idea where to start? You search around the internet for photography ideas and hope you stumble across a list, hoping it will spark some creativity. Well, today is that day. I have compiled a list of photography ideas for you to use to jumpstart your creative itch. You don’t have to have the most expensive equipment to get started. The most important thing is to just get started.

Photography ideas: Consider a style of photography


1. Portraits & Headshots

If you have friends and family, this style is very easy to get started with. Many photographers start with natural light and close friends. Visit a local park and start taking photos.


2. Fashion and Glamour

If you are interested in more advanced looks, you should consider fashion photography. This will allow you to get really creative with clothing and make-up. Put together a small team of creatives together and go for the gold.


3. Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography leans way more towards the creative side. Check out photographers like Amanda Diaz, and put together some highly conceptual shoots with costumes and special make-up sessions.


4. Night Photography

Do you love seeing pictures of the milky way? This usually requires a wide angle lens that is around 2.8 or higher in aperture and some other special gear, but it is not out of reach. Do a little research and get out to the country to start shooting some beautiful night sky photos.


5. Macro Photography

Similar to night photography, you will need a specific lens to get started. Once you are ready you can actually start shooting almost anywhere. Macro photographers specialize in close-up shots of all kinds of objects.


6. Studio Photography

If you are interested in learning lighting and strobes, then studio photography is a great place to start. You can start with simple speedlights and work you way to larger equipment. Remember to start small and build on your experiences. You can start with one single light source and add as you go.


7. Landscape Photography

If you love the outdoors, then landscape photography is a great outlet for creative freedom. Jump on a place and travel to places you have always wanted to see. Just make sure to have your camera in hand. If you can’t afford a quick getaway, jump in your car and drive to the local park or downtown area. Start local and build your portfolio as you go.


8. Event Photography

If you love being around people, and events you should consider event photography. Visit a local bar and capture some pics of a band or concert. Maybe even consider parties or other large gatherings.

9. Street Photography

Like to roam the streets with your headphones on blast? Street photography is a great outlet for those who like to fly solo or even in small groups. Capture other people in their natural lifestyles.


10. Architecture Photography

Buildings are becoming more and more interesting on the inside and outside. Travel around town and find interesting buildings and structures to build your portfolio.


11. Urbex Photography

Urban exploration photography has become more and more popular lately. Finding abandoned buildings and exploring rooftops can be exciting. I can’t always recommend it because it sometimes requires trespassing on private property. If you are the risk taking type, you may want to give it a try. Just be warned to not get caught.


12. Drone Photography

Drones have become more popular over the last few years, and they have extended the reach of regular cameras. Many photographers have turned to drones to start taking photos and video or larger outdoor areas. Just make sure you check your local laws and regulations regarding owning and operating one.


13. Food Photography

Food lovers rejoice. Instagram has become an amazing place to find food photography inspiration. You can start with your phone camera and build as you become more creative and need more professional equipment.

14. Product Photography

If you love to buy new things, then why not take pictures of it. I love watches, and everyone loves jewelry. Try out some macro shots, or just general product shots of some items you already own.


15. Baby Photography

Know someone who is pregnant or has a newborn? Baby photography is a big business with the right skills. Do a couple or free sessions and build your portfolio, and you may find this to be a lucrative part-time hobby.


16. Automotive Photography

If you appreciate speed and style, then automotive photography could be your best friend. Visit local car shows and snap some quick pics of some of your favorite cars.


17. Wedding Photography

This type of photography can be stressful for those who are not used to fast paced shooting. But, if you are a more seasoned photographer, you may want to try weddings. Capturing that special moment for a newly wed couple can have some great rewards.

18. Family Photography

Finally, if you want to capture small groups, then family photography could be for you. Work with small families and meet at local parks. It’s easy to get started. Ask around and I am sure you will have friends who need family photos.

photography ideas

19. Mobile Photography

iPhone photography and mobile phone photography is a greta way to jump into shooting. The phone is a camera and editing device all-in-one. Download apps like VSCO and Snapseed from Google and get start creating your own style.

20. Wildlife Photography

If being out and following nature is your idea of a good time, then why not try shooting local wildlife. Start with birds and small animals, then work your way up to larger wildlife. Use caution and always make sure to keep your self in a safe and controlled area.

photography ideas

21. Sports Photography

Sports has always been an American past time that will never fade. With that said, this gives you plenty of opportunities to capture the action. Go out to a local game and catch the action.


Just go shoot

No matter the style of photography you like, just make sure to do your research and get creative. Don’t worry so much about expensive equipment, and find ways to be budget friendly if possible. No matter what, just get out and shoot!

: Photos under Creative Common and are not mine – From Pexels.com