Photography Inspiration

Photography Inspiration: You just need to know where to look

There comes a time for every creative when you feel uninspired and tired of your work. Many people tend to get burned out and never really know how to start back up again. For photographers, I am sure this is nothing new.

Photography Inspiration

Photography Inspiration for your portrait work

So what do you do when you need photography inspiration to kickstart your day? We get on our phone of course. Here are a few places to check out for online photography inspiration. Also, make sure to check out my comprehensive list of resources for beginner photographers.

1. Social Media

Instagram has become my number one source of photography inspiration. I love how you can search via #hashtags, and keep a constant stream of inspiration right at your fingertips. Facebook is also a great way to find inspiration, but I tend to lean more heavily on Instagram. It is more visual and makes looking through galleries so much easier.

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2. Behance

Adobe-owned is a website dedicated to showcasing creative work for creatives of all types. Photography isn’t the only type of design I draw inspiration from, so I highly recommend checking out the site. You can filter by project types and curated galleries.

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3. 500px

This online community of photographers is one of the largest in the world. You can browse photos from photographers all over the world and get inspired by the best.

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4. Pinterest

Technically a social network, I list Pinterest because it really stands on its own. It is very simple to jump online and do a search for almost anything you can think of. Many of the results can lead you to photography websites and other great inspiration.

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5. PetaPixel

If your looking for more technical inspiration for your portrait photography, then you may want to check out PetaPixel. This blog is filled with great articles for photographers of all levels. They provide great tips and tricks to get you out of that photography rut.


6. Fstoppers

The Fstoppers community of photographers has been a corner-stone of my photography learning. This photography blog is very similar to bit also provides some amazing galleries of work from photographers all over the world.


7. Flickr

I really wasn’t a huge fan of Flickr when it first came out. After some rough patches, I think it is quickly becoming a solid community website for photographers. It is organized into countless groups so you will need to do some general digging to find the type of photography inspiration you are looking for.

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8. The Inspiration Grid

When it comes to online photography inspiration, The Inspiration Grid is as simple as it gets. It is a curated gallery that is updated daily with new creative stories from artists all over the world. It’s a good site to see tons of unique content and I always keep it on my list for inspiration.

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9. PhotographyTalk

I stumbled across this website very recently and love how it helps beginners like me find what I am looking for. It’s a great community with technical resources and plenty of inspiration for your portrait photography.

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10. Deviantart

I discovered Deviantart almost 10 years ago, and I find myself still browsing the site today. In my mind, it really started as a more amateur creative website, but really has grown since then. It has simple categories to follow and I am sure you will find inspiration to kickstart your next project.

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Online Photography Inspiration

Finding inspiration that moves you emotionally is something that all artists strive to accomplish when creating artwork. This can be in design, photography, cooking and so many other industries. Whatever your passion, make sure you are continually learning and discovering new ideas and tips for improving your work.