I shoot to blog, and I love it!

I shoot to blog, and I shoot to edit. Diving into Photoshop and getting photos onto my computer is like Christmas every week. I know this is a weird way to look at photography. It is just a passion I have come to love.

4 reasons I shoot to blog

Meeting new people and getting to collaborate with professionals from different industries is always a big factor for me in my creative work. TFP or Trade for Portfolio shoots give me the chance to build content and skills for free. Finding a great mix of photography, editing and blogging allows me to help teach what I’m learning on my journey.

Reason #1

It’s like keeping a journal of my photography. Many people only showcase the best of their work in single online galleries. I like to showcase my progress in my work and document the journey along the way.

Reason #2

You can look back and learn from your mistakes. It is common practice for me to document a few things for each blog.

  • Camera settings and locations
  • Lighting styles and setups
  • Model and style concepts
  • Things I would change from each shoot
  • What did I learn, and how I adapted to issues

Reason #3

See the session from start to finish. I like to pick from the start, middle and end of a session. It helps me understand the progression of working with a particular model.

Reason #4

It’s a great learning experience for others. Hands down, blogging is an amazing learning tool for others who are having similar experiences. It’s about connecting and making people realize we are all creatives and all run into the same problems. Blogging allows me to help with some solutions that I have come across.

Never be afraid to showcase your work