Portraits of Dallas - Studio Shoot - Jennifer 3

Studio Fashion Photography

Switching from natural light to studio fashion photography was a big change for me. The crazy Dallas weather was starting to get cold, and I wanted to switch to indoor sessions anyway.

I meet models onsite and love doing small photo walks. This allows me to catch some great lifestyle shots, along with constantly changing backgrounds and settings. Fast forward to the winter and studio sessions are in full swing. I met Jennifer through social media channels,  and we finally had a chance to connect and collaborate. Jennifer’s personality was very quiet but very open to hearing ideas and posing suggestions.

Portraits of Dallas - Studio fashion - Jennifer 5

Portraits of Dallas - Studio Shoot - Jennifer 4

Portraits of Dallas - Studio Shoot - Jennifer 3

Portraits of Dallas - Studio Shoot - Jennifer 2

Portraits of Dallas - Studio Shoot - Jennifer 1


Camera and gear

This studio fashion session utilized my new Sony a7ii with the Sony 85mm f1.4 GMaster Lens. The session was shot at f16, and the images were super sharp. I used 3 x 300watt strobed with different modifiers.

  • Key Light – 300-watt strobe w/ 70-inch parabolic umbrella (White diffusion cover on front)
  • 2 Kicker Lights – 300-watt strobes w/ 13×56 strip softboxes (white diffusion panels with front egg crate grids)
  • Solid Black Background Paper roll
  • Medium circular silver bounce panel – front left

Portraits of Dallas - Studio fashion - Jennifer 6

Portraits of Dallas - Studio Shoot - Jennifer 9Portraits of Dallas - Studio fashion - Jennifer 7

What I learned from this shoot

When I positioned the model at the start of the shoot, I noticed she was too close to the background. I had to keep in mind the falloff from the large light source. I moved her about 6ft forward and this made the background disappear.

The goal was to black out the background and make the light really highlight Jennifer. The concept of the test shoot was fashion and style, and I really like the results. I brought the photos into Photoshop for post-processing, and the background only needed slight darkening. Shooting at f16 really limited the light from catching the background.


About the Author:

My name is Jason, and I am a Sr. Creative Professional located in north Dallas, TX. I collaborate with creatives from all over the DFW and surrounding areas. This blog is dedicated to capturing some of these great model test shoots and collaborations, and I hope it helps you find inspiration for your own work.
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