Natural Light Boudoir Yesenia 1

Natural light boudoir with the beautiful Yesenia

My super lazy Sunday collaboration with Hector Reyes turned out to be a great learning experience. The concept was to work with 8-10 models in a single day, and Yesenia was one of those models for our natural light boudoir shoot. She is fairly new to modeling, but made a great first impression on the team.

Natural Light Boudoir Yesenia 2

Model and Makeup Artist

Yesesnia (@ya_yahh on insta) is from a small town outside of Dallas. She travels into Dallas often for photoshoots so we were lucky to have her on our team for the shoot. She worked with local MUA Pilar Del Carmen (@ballerinapili on insta) onsite to get ready. The request was to keep the make-up simple and natural looking, and we all agreed Pilar pulled it off really well.

Natural Light Boudoir Yesenia 3

Concept and Location

The concept for the shoot was lazy Sunday natural light boudoir. Keeping the shoot classy and sophisticated was the main goal beside getting some great lifestyle photos. I pulled some sample images from Pinterest to create a mood board for the models to get ideas. This is now apart of my normal shoot process, and I find it works great for keeping shoots organized. The location was a private residence of the partner photographer. The home provided a great backdrop for lifestyle concepts.


Shooting with natural light was the main goal of this collaboration. I started with natural light, and I find it is my go to for most of my shoots. Having some small LED lights with attachable soft-box heads also came in handy. I used eggshell grids to keep the light controlled during some of the shoots in darker areas that did not provide large window light.

Natural Light Boudoir Yesenia 10

Learning from each shoot

I learned very quickly that I didn’t need to direct Yesenia very much. I pretty much sat back and let her move naturally in all the environments. From the bedroom to the formal living areas, she worked with each location to find the best motions and poses to accentuate her curves and form. I love working with models who bring ideas to the shoots. Yesenia was one of these models. She naturally lit up the room with her great personality and made it really easy to get some amazing shots of her. I hope to do more TFP collaborations with her in the future.

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Natural Light Boudoir Yesenia 9